Our services are offered across southern Africa, but mainly in South Africa. To date we have rendered services in every province of South Africa and we accommodate all clients, regardless of their location. For more information on projects and capabilities, please contact us. In short, our services include the following:


•   Road investigations

-   Centreline investigations for proposed new alignments, alignment rehabilitation/upgrade or

 assessment of pavement failure

-   Location and/or assessment of road construction material (e.g. hard rock quarries, borrow pit


•   Structural investigations for an array of projects and structures (e.g. residential buildings, office

blocks, reservoirs, sub-stations, schools, fuel stations, etc.)

•   Township establishment/development investigations

•   Reconnaissance investigations (e.g. feasibility studies, location of potential material sources, etc.)

•   Environmental investigations (e.g. waste water treatment plants, fuel stations, cemetery sites, etc.)

•   Specialist geotechnical logging of boreholes and trial holes according to SAPEM specification

•   Bridge and culvert foundation investigations

•   Other

-   Pipe jacking investigations to assess geotechnical conditions

-   Pipeline investigations

-   Assessment of geotechnical problem sites (e.g. geotechnical or engineering geological causes of

structural distress)

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